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The sailing of Lannika yacht was started in 2013, the brand founder and British famous appearance designer Bill Dixon, interior decoration design team Design Unlimited have created a door opened to an ocean world for making the life more “ocean” and enjoying boundless target.



Through the experience sediment for a half century, the manufacturing plant always keeps the consistent rigorous spirit-make a “good” ship, and work at every highlight with great care. The robot cutting and pure handwork detailed polishing have presented elegant and shinning appearance of Lannika. With import leather, high-quality hardware, and meticulouswoodworking and painting, strict requirements of designers on technique and overall unity are realized.



Delicacy has different ages; 37 inches,50 inches, 68 inches and 108 inches of mainstream ship styles of Lannika are matched with three different indoor styles, thus many enjoyment modes are provided for ship owners at different ages; household entertainment, business reception, and friend party can meet the life switching freely.

Our original intention is to create a brand-new generation of sports yacht, and capture the typical indoor design and feeling. We perfectly combine the comfortable indoor environment, perfect space ratio and dedicated decoration material, and customize a perfect indoor space according to customer’s demand. The humanized automatic lifting deck stage provides a more convenient channel when customers have fun in the water, and provides a mechanical ladder for sending guests to the deck gently in returning; sunshine spreads in the wide corridor and cabin, and seamlessly connects to indoor and quarter deck; it is a perfect enjoyment of life.